ProofReader Studio
Release History



0.3 — (2012-03-27)
New: In the proof reader panel (the one with the image and the text), it can now be alternated whether the two panels (image and text) should be placed side-by-side (default, vertical) or one should be above the other (non-vertical = horizontal). The two panels can also be swapped. This is done, using the context menu of the text editor: (right click) > View > "Vertical panel layout", and "Swap image and text".
Fixed: The application would not always terminate when the application window was closed. This could be observed in the task manager, and the running process could also be terminated there. Now closing the window always terminates the application.
0.2 — (2012-03-27)
New: Whenever the application is communicating with there will be an animation indicating it is busy, and telling what it is doing. This prevents the user from trying to interact with the application while it non-responsive, and the user is now informed about what is going on.
New: Saving or temp-ing a page and moving on to the next page, will not wait for the page to be returned to the server before getting the next page (a thread will be spawned to return the page). This speeds up the transition from one page to the next.
New: Holding the Shift-key while resizing either the image or the text will reduce the resize-steps to 1/10 (i.e. making it possible to make very small changes in size).
New: In the text-editor it is indicated what lines have been changed by the user. There will be a vertical line next to the line numbers.
New: Currently the only supported font is DPCustomMono2. It is no longer a requirement to have this font installed, as it is bundled with the application and will be used directly.
0.1 — (2010-10-16)
New: This is the first released version.