ProofReader Studio



The current version of ProofReader Studio can be downloaded in a zip-file.
The zip-file, when unpacked, creates a directory: "ProofReaderStudio" (it is a good idea to move it to "C:\Users\<your username>\ProofReaderStudio"). The application must be able to write where it is placed (downloaded files are placed in a subdirectory), and the directory "ProofReaderStudio" must not be renamed (or it cannot update to future versions correctly).
It is practical to have a link to the program. This can be created by right-clicking the file: "ProofReaderStudio.exe", and select: "Send To" > "Desktop (create shortcut)" (depeding on your operating system). This creates a shortcut on the desktop that can be used to start the program.

ProofReader Studio sends log messages back to the application server for debugging and development purposes. Some of these messages will contain the username (of course the password will never be logged). This makes it easier to communicate with users reporting errors.



Each time the program starts, it will check for updates, and automaticaly update the program if there is an update. Because the program is quite small (currently less than 1 MB), it will usually only take a few seconds to update.